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Internet Policy

The library has Approved: 5/8/2014 Computer/iPad/Laptop Loan Agreement 1. I understand that by borrowing a(n) iPad/laptop/ computer from the Union Public Library that I am responsible for the iPad/laptop/computer and all accessories. I will reimburse the library for any damages if the iPad/laptop/computer or any software installed thereon is damaged, lost, or stolen while checked out to me. 2. I agree to go to the circulation desk immediately if the iPad/ laptop/computer or any of its components are damaged, missing, or malfunctioning. 3. I understand that iPad/laptop/computer loans are for in-facility use only, and cannot be removed from the facility. 4. I understand that the loan period for borrowing a(n) iPad/laptop/computer is 1 hour. I also understand that iPad/laptops must be returned to library staff and I must sign off of the computer at least 15 minutes prior to library closing, even if this does not allow me to use the iPad/laptop/computer for the entire 1-hour loan period. 5. I understand that when the loan period has elapsed, I may be asked to return the iPad/laptop to a staff member at the circulation desk. Until the iPad/laptop has been placed in the hands of a library staff member and checked in, it is my responsibility. Otherwise, I may be subject to my privileges being revoked. 6. I understand that the library will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data or media due to any cause while using a library iPad/laptop/computer. 7. I understand that library wireless connections are not secure, and I will take appropriate caution with personal information while using library iPads/laptops/computers. 8. I am 8 years old or older and know how to use the equipment. By signing this document, I verify that I have read and understand the loan agreement and the iPad/Laptop/computer Loan Policy of the Union Public Library. Name: _________________________________________ (Please Print) Signature: __________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________ Date: ______________ an Internet Use Policy

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