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UNION PUBLIC LIBRARY STRATEGIC PLAN  2019-2024                          

Approved 2/11/2019                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mission Statement                                               

    The Union Public Library will identify the needs of residents within its service area and provide them a pleasant environment, an organized collection of informational and recreational texts, programs, and materials, and updated technology services.



     It is the philosophy of the Union Public Library Board that within a community of people, a place needs provided where inquiring minds may encounter not only popular, conventional ideas, but also unorthodox and critical ideas necessary to stimulate a society whose survival depends on freedom of speech and freely competitive ideas.  It also believes that an early introduction to reading and libraries is an important influence in forming lifelong habits of self-education.  To provide this opportunity for people of all ages to educate themselves, the library serves as a reliable center to assemble, preserve and administer organized collections of educational and recreation materials in order to promote enlightened citizenship and enrich personal lives.



   The following statements of Goals and Objectives are designed to assist the staff in the daily performance of their duties and to provide the Trustees with a sound basis for reaching policy decisions.  Data was gathered electronically by SurveyMonkey, community weekly coffees with the Mayor and patron face to face contact. The Union City Ordinance was used for data toward governing and managing the library in legal manner.

  Both the needs of library users and the library’s ability to respond to these needs are subject to change.  It is therefore essential that there be periodic reviews of this document to determine whether adjustments are necessary.  This document will be reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.



Goal:  The library will utilize resources committed to serving all patrons.


     1. Update, expand, and facilitate patrons’ use of interlibrary loan and assess after 2 years.

     2.  Expand and facilitate the use of non-print media with audio books and e-readers and assess after one year.



Goal:  The library will keep the building in good repair and handicapped accessible.


   1.  Identify projects that should be done at once and budget funds for their completion within the next year.

   2.  Identify projects that will be needed in the future and plan for orderly completion within 4 years.

   3.  Plan for adequate space needed for materials and programming and implement the plan within 5 years.



Goal:  Based on patron needs, the library will provide and maintain updated technology for staff and patron usage. 2018


   1.  Compare the use of the Follett Circulation Plus with other catalog systems to assess the more user friendly system within the next 2 years.

   2.  Provide a reliable copier and fax machine for staff and patrons’ use within the next year.



Goal:  Based on community needs, the library will increase public awareness of the library’s available services and the wide range and value of library resources.


  1.  Send information concerning the library to local radio stations by email.  Distribute a survey to patrons in the use of this method of sharing information within the next 2 years.

   2.  Initiate collaborations with other organizations, businesses, and agencies to reach new audiences and increase visibility within the next year

   3.  Identify citizens who understand and appreciate the importance and value of libraries to the community and encourage them to take part in library programing and perhaps become Library Trustees within the next 3 years.

   4. Encourage volunteer services and measure this by the number of volunteers within the next year.



Goal:  Based on patron needs, the library will provide library materials.       


  1.  Give attention to patrons’ needs for materials in the areas of self-education in the next 2-3 years.

  2.  Expand non-print media with updated technology on patron computers within the next year.