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End of Year Report

                             Union Public Year End Report     2019 Year in Review     

Book Club:  The book club continues to meet the last Wed. of every month at 2:00 pm. There are 12 women that take part in the club. Susan Sams and Peggy Gall lead this group.

Click Clack Club: This is knitting / crocheting group that meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesday at 2:00. It now has 6 regular members. They welcome people coming with their knitting and crocheting concerns.  Sarah Baker is there to help.

Children’s Programing:  Our summer programing was very successful for all age groups. We had 24 children enrolled. The older children did hands on activities such has library bingo.  The younger children had a story and craft hour.  Like before we shared our opening activity with Conrad and Beaman and ended with a family activity night. Thank you to Sammy Donald, Kaytee Wanken and Gavin Backoff for organizing the program.

 Family Event :  This year we remodeled the basement to be the Family Fun Space. We will be holding Preschool and School age events in this area. 

 Adult Programing:  I continued to have one or two a month. We have anywhere between 12-20 people attended each evening.  Most presenters are local patrons or Iowa authors. The history programing seems to be of the greatest interest.  We are finding that people are attending from Conrad and other surround cities. We want to thank everyone who has taken part and invite each of you to do a program of your choice.

 Adult Exercise/Art Programs:  Jan 6 we began our senior exercise program. We had 10-15 people attend regularly.  In March we did an art program for older adults.  These two programs were very well received. We will do the exercise program adding yoga this year. We will do the art program if I can get another grant.

Technology Changes:  As technology changes, the library wants to change with it.  The library received a matching grant from Martha-Elle Tye Foundation and Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation for a new color copier/fax machine. This was bought in April.

Union Betterment Association:  We received a $5000 gift from the association.  $2500 of this money was used to remodel our basement into a family fun space/meeting area.  This area can be used after hours by reservation.  It will be open to all organizations, families and small groups. The library will hold family activities there also.  Our only requirement is that there be at least one adult present and it be left as it was found. Call 486-5561 to reserve a time.


New Releases:  With the help of all patrons of all ages, I have been ordering as many of the new releases as possible. We added Playaways for young children in 2019. These are small loaded iPads for preschool age that are a new type of material. They are used frequently. Suggestions for DVD’s, Playaways,  books or Books on CD are welcome. 

Volunteers: There is much to be done in a small library.  All the work and the programing cannot succeed without our volunteers. I have learned and continue to learn from these faithful people.  They worked over 35-40 hours per month. If you would like to volunteer, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Cash Donations:  Funding becomes an issue as we increase programing and the library is used more frequently by all patrons.  Donations of any amount are very much appreciated.  This donation can be made to either the library directly or the library foundation.  Both are tax deductible donations.  Many of these donations come in the form of memorials.  You can direct monies to Annamaria Hauser, Union, Iowa  50258 or it can be dropped off at the library.  You can choose where you would like the money spent or it can be used for general library operations.  Thank you to all for the continual support.

Thank You: I would like to thank the city council, John Benson (our town maintenance man), patrons and the library board for their time and support.  The library has become the city community center.   We can continue to make it one of the best small town libraries in Iowa, and warm safe places for our children and seniors to meet and socialize if we all work together.